08.11.2018 (Salta)


A train the trainer (ToT) seminar in the field of PV was held on 8.11.2018 in Salta. University lecturers also participated in the two-day PV technician training, so practical content was also taught to the lecturers. The focus was on theoretical and academic concepts, so that the teaching of these contents can also be brought closer to engineering students by the trained lecturers.

Content included the installation of cables and wires, DC / AC protective elements, insulation resistances to be maintained, lightning and surge protection, and grid integration and grid connection. In addition to electrotechnical requirements, statics, structural requirements, mounting systems, MBO and DIBt construction requirements and fire protection form another focal point. In addition, the knowledge required for the planning of systems was communicated – the adjustment of energy requirements and consumption as well as the use of energy management systems and storage options.

The specific topics covered were:

• Fundamentals of radiation

• Modular technology and PV generator

• Plant engineering (inverters, protective components, memory)

• Planning and design

• Fundamentals of yield analysis

• Construction and assembly

• Standard electrical installation

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