PV Technical Training



The aim of the PV technical training course, held at COPAIPA in November 2018, was to give Argentine users, suppliers and institutions in the electrical supply sector and potential investors, insight into the legislation in regards to decentralized electricity generation, the technology available on the market and the economic conditions for the construction and operation of PV systems.

This seminar introduced the complex field of PV technology in terms of component quality, installation and operation. It also gave a structured overview to focus on the very promising application of decentralized power generation by prosumers.

The content of the two-day training was:

• Overview of PV technology,

• Market overview and concepts in Germany

• Government regulation, legislation and targets in Argentina

• Economic incentives for “prosumidores”

• Common financing models and project development steps

• Presentation of case studies from Germany and Argentina (Local case study: Project from Santa Fe or Jujuy)

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