Founded in Berlin in 2000, eclareon is a global consulting and project management company specializing in the renewable energy (EE), energy efficiency and sustainable environmental technologies sectors. Among other things, eclareon carries out capacity building projects on behalf of and with the support of public authorities (national ministries, European Commission, state / parastatal agencies). eclareon carries out and consults on projects regarding renewable energy and energy efficiency in many developing and emerging economies. With sequa, the company engaged in a project in 2015-2016 to provide expertise on the planning and construction of low-energy houses in Turkey. In Argentina, eclareon has already carried out a number of projects in the area of ​​policy advice and analysis of photovoltaics.

AHK Argentina

Since 2007, the AHK Argentina has been running the BMWi-sponsored business travel program of the Energy Export Initiative. In the field of education and training, the AHK is particularly active in the organization, implementation and dissemination of the German dual training system. The AHK has offered the training program EUREM – European Energy Manager since 2011. The focus of this development lies in the operational and economic advantages of the plants in the internal energy management.Furthermore, the AHK organizes the Train-the-Trainer program DEPE (De Empresas para Empresas), which is supported by GIZ and implemented within the Alliance for Integrity. In the process, corruption officers and managers share their knowledge with colleagues from other companies to form new trainers for compliance and anti-corruption.


INET has provided “Training of Trainer” sessions since 2009 to professionals already active at technical training centers so that these can gain pedagogical, organizational and legal skills. INET provides information on the identification of further suitable local project partners, and provides information for market research and is the point of contact regarding questions about vocational training sessions in Argentina. INET also provides information regarding didactic and pedagogical questions in the context of the conception and preparation of the training documents, organizes lecturers for the implementation of train-the-trainer trainings and participates in interviews for Argentinian media.







The Argentine Chamber of Renewable Energy (CADER) is a non-profit association that acts as an umbrella and brings together various players in the renewable energy industry in Argentina to promote the development of renewable energy throughout the country. CADER has already established itself with 90 member-companies and experts.  The work of the association is coordinated by six working groups dealing with PV, wind energy, bioenergy, solar thermal energy, energy regulatory issues and electricity grids.  CADER’s role in the project is to recruit suitable local project partners, provide information for the market research and interview their members about their experiences with renewable energies in Argentina.


The Catholic University of Salta is an Argentine institution of higher education: the university a private, Catholic, non-profit organization, with the highest degree of autonomy granted by the current legislation in the Argentine university system. The university is positioned in the Western and Christian cultural tradition, in whose values the tradition of the Argentine nationality is rooted.
It is characterized by upholding the democratic principles of equality and freedom, respect for ethics, justice, tolerance, rejecting all forms of discrimination and guaranteeing its members academic freedom, the rights of the individual and the community within the demands of the truth and the common good.


The Argentine Chamber of Construction, Cámara Argentina de la Construcción, or CAMARCO for short, is the largest trade association in the construction industry in Argentina. The chamber has more than 1300 member-companies, and they have participated in all relevant infrastructure projects in the country. CAMARCO is also a member of the Inter-American Federation of the Construction Industry (FIIC) and the Association of Constructors International Confederations (CICA). The chamber has its own management school and therefore has professional facilities for further education. With members scattered across the country, video conferencing is also available for training.




The Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, UTN (National Technological University) is an Argentine country-wide national university. It is one of the country’s top engineering schools with more than 75,000 students. There are 29 semi-independent UTN branches all over the country.

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