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Knowhow transfer – Capacity building – Market introduction

Capacity building for energy managers and solar EPCs in the field of renewable energy and environmental technology solutions for SMEs and social facilities.

This Argentinian-German co-operation project aims at disseminating knowledge on renewable energy technologies and environmental technologies such as PV or Waste to Energy (WtE). The knowledge shall be spread among Argentinian energy professionals and universities in order to enable capacity building beyond the project itself.

Direct target groups:

Direct target groups of the project are employees from Argentinian SMEs and the federal administration as well as students at the technical universities. These will be given applicable, practice-oriented expertise to promote their professional progress and career prospects in the renewable energy field. Furthermore, lecturers from local education partners and university students will benefit from updated specialist knowledge and the development of new courses. Indirectly, the capacity development measures will benefit the companies, educational institutes and government agencies.

The project provides for these target groups:

  • The development and piloting of practice-oriented short training courses in the field of renewable energies and environmental technologies;
  • Training of Argentinian companies on renewable energy;
  • Training of electrical and mechanical engineering students in a supplementary course on renewable energies;
  • Qualification of lecturers for the further implementation of vocational and university education measures;
  • Training of local project developers and financial institutions on project and loan financing instruments for RE activities;
  • Complementary public relations actions to broaden information on training and renewable energy.

Overarching developmental impacts:

The project promotes the development of renewable energy and other environmental technologies in Argentina and thus contributes to climate protection and the creation of new jobs. With the help of hands-on experts, the technical possibilities for sustainable energy production, renewable energy sources can be further supported and sustainably applied. The use of renewable energy will make Argentina less dependent on fossil fuels (oil, natural gas) and foreign imports. In the long run, the former means an increased use of more environmentally friendly energy sources and the latter, independence from fluctuating exchange rates or prices. In particular, the first point makes a concrete contribution to the acute climate problem and is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

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